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SEO is a collection of techniques that are meant to improve your business site visibility online and better your ranking with the search engines. The Internet has millions of domains and thousands of companies that are selling similar products. For you to get a sizeable number of visitors, they should find you when looking for similar products.

Someone once said, if you have some treasure, place it in the later pages of the search engine results because nobody will find it. Visitors rarely go past the first three pages of the search results. A large number rarely goes past the first page. Your ultimate goal is to get on the first page, preferably within the first five results.

Here are some practical tips

Write quality articles

Your online visitors are looking for information and solutions to their problems. For example, if you run a dental clinic, your target visitors are the people that are seeking dental services and patients that are having mouth problems. Examples of probable titles include; information that details the dental services that you offer, a blog that talks about common dental problems and some practical tips to keep the teeth healthy.

The visitors are always looking for interesting, engaging, and informative content. If you are speaking to the general public, keep away from jargons and explain every technical word that you use. However, if the content is meant for the professionals in your industry, you may add a few common technical terms used in the industry.

Keep your information in short paragraphs for ease of understanding. Overly long articles with long paragraphs put off your visitors before they get the information.

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Use the right keywords naturally

The keywords allow the search engine robots match your site information with words that Internet visitors use when looking for similar information. A few years ago, companies used to stuff keywords on the content to get more visibility. Nowadays, you are likely to get penalized for stuffing your content with keywords. Stuffing makes the content look like spam, which results in a downgrade in search results. Keep the keyword density at about below 1%.

Space the keywords generously in the article. Use the words naturally as part of the content. Moreover, consider using the words as per the language used in the area. For example, in Britain, they refer to gas generators as petrol generators. If you are selling such generators and use the word petrol on the site, you are likely to get low traffic despite having several visitors looking for such information online.

Use long tail keywords

Select the long tail keywords for the use in your content. Instead of the one-word keywords, use phrases. For example instead of optimizing the word ‘gowns’, you may use such keywords as ‘wedding gowns’, or ‘graduation gowns’. You may also vary the wedding gowns to chiffon wedding gowns, satin wedding gowns, ivory wedding gowns, and so forth. Using phrases brings you qualified traffic to your site.

In the case of the above example, the only people that will be visiting the wedding gown site will be those that are interested with the wedding gowns and not the other types of gowns. Qualified traffic has a higher chance of converting to viable leads, prospects, and repeat clients. Use such tools as Google Keyword Planner or buy Miami SEO Expert to help determine the appropriate keywords.

Localize your keywords

It does not make sense to get traffic from the whole country if you are only located in Miami. It is better to rank high when a visitor from Miami searches for products that you sell rather than getting lots of traffic from Washington DC. To achieve this, consider adding the name of the town or the city in which you operate in the article. For example, you may use wedding gowns in Miami as one of the primary keywords if you sell gowns in Miami.

Also, you may also include a map indicating the location of your business in the city. Your prospects will have an easy time locating you. After you are done optimizing your content, submit your site information to Google Local for the site to be indexed for the area search results. Other search engines such as Bing also have similar services.

Create a mobile-friendly site

The digital market has turned mobile. Thus, there is a likelihood that most of the visitors will be accessing your site from such devices as tablets, smartphones, and feature phones. Recently, Google made an algorithm change, casually known as ‘mobilegeddon’ that seeks to reward sites that are easy to navigate using mobile devices.

For your site to be considered mobile-friendly, it should adapt to the size of the screen. This enables the visitor to read the data without zooming in the page. Links and buttons should be well spaced so that the user clicks on the right one with much ease. Also, use a few large images and Flash videos to improve the loading times. A site that has large image files and many flash videos takes longer to load compared to the one that has a few. Most visitors are very impatient when browsing online. They will hit the back button if the site takes too long to load.

Design a site that is easy to navigate

Visitors to your site must find the information that they are seeking with ease. The average time that a visitor stays on a site is ten seconds before deciding on the next course of action. If he or she does not find a link or button to the information that he seeks, chances are he will exit the site. A site with a high bounce rate is as bad as a site that does not have traffic at all. This is because visitors do not get a chance to read the offers and information on the site. Thus, they do not make any positive decision on buying from the company. Test the ease of navigation during web design phase of the site development.

Optimize your images, descriptions, and titles

Create a title that is unique and one that makes sense for your page. Follow it up with a catchy description made of short and few sentences. Also, include a well-formatted link to your site. Include the keyword in the title, the description, and the URL. Seek the assistance of an Miami SEO company if the task proves difficult.

Some visitors search for products and information by the use of the image search function on the search engines. For you to tap into this traffic, optimize your images by the use of the alt tags. Give a small description of the image and link it to your site. This is more so for the tangible products. If the visitors like the images they see, they will click on them and get directed to the company’s site. Your images must be of high quality and show off the important details that you would like your prospects to see. Your web designer can assist in optimizing the images.

Leverage the power of social media

The social media platforms are ripe grounds to get qualified traffic, create product loyalty, and get cheap and sincere feedback. Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms has around 150 million active users each day. A big chunk of these users may become your customers.

On social media, your fans are looking for the other side of your company. The face that is not seen in the mainstream media. They want to feel that they belong and are part of the company. As much as you market your product, put an interesting twist on your social media marketing strategy. Here are a few suggestions.

• Post you goof photos, your latest team building activity, and some interesting happenings at your premises among others. The silly, goofy images will generate many likes and comments and help market your brand.

• Crowdsource ideas for your company logo, the design of your product package, the next marketing slogan and so forth. You will be surprised by the great ideas you get from the fans. You may have a competition and some rewards for the owner of the idea that you pick.

• Ask for feedback and views on your latest product and customer service. Assure the disgruntled clients that you are solving their issues. They are more likely to buy again with the assurance that you do not give them a chance to complain.

You can implement many more SEO strategies on your site. Keep in mind the search engine optimization is dynamic and keeps on changing. Yesteryear ideas may not work today. Consider hiring an SEO expert to assist in formulating strategies that are best suited to your site.